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Ringblack is an original, handmade black carbon fiber piece of jewelry. Each ring is unique. No one else will wear the same you are wearing.

Ringblack story

My name is Jindřich Beneš. I made the very first carbon ring for myself and my wife Lucia, as an original wedding band. Originally, that was all. No one else was supposed to have another one.

People around us kept asking about rings. Everyone liked its originality, weight and original black color. Exceptions followed - a pair of wedding rings, a pair of rings for best friends as a gift.
It was these exceptions that convinced me that I would also offer the carbon ring to the general public. The result is the RINGBLACK brand.


Jindřich Beneš, Founder | instagram_icon linkedinicon mail-icon

Why is every RINGBLACK original?

We make all the rings by hand and we feel that the unmistakability of the product is very important for many customers. Do you also like what others don't have? Each ring has its own carbon fiber structure, its own carbon DNA, which is unique to each ring.



Black is goooood

Is black a good color for your ring? Now a little about the psychology of color. Black is a sign of authority, power and strength. In some religions, it is a symbol of life and joy. It is also very popular in fashion and decoration, as it is a timeless color. In most cases, myths and legends depict black characters representing evil and darkness - to emphasize their invincibility. However, black is not primarily considered to be the color of evil. It is a color depicting intelligence. Black is often used in places where elegance and simplicity play a role.

Black is the darkest shade of all colors. It is a color full of controversy, different opinions, but at the same time unites and unites. Versatility. Longevity. Dignity. Respect. Invisibility. Challenge. Attraction. Imagination. Simplicity. Complexity. Black is the eighth color of the rainbow. You can feel its uniqueness and strength all around you.

Carbon fiber

RINGBLACK is made entirely of 100% carbon fiber. The carbon fiber contains carbon atoms in various modifications. The thickness of such a fiber is 5-8 μm. The carbons are joined together in microscopic crystals that are oriented parallel to the long axis of the fiber. The crystal arrangement, as in the case of diamond, for example, makes the fiber extremely strong and durable in its thickness.

So is our carbon rings - extremely light, extremely durable.

Carbon fiber or diamond

Carbon is the cornerstone of all organic compounds and thus of all living organisms on this planet. It is an indispensable element for life.

Diamond is one of the hardest natural minerals. It consists of carbon crystallizing in a cubic system. They are the same carbon atoms that also make up our rings formed only into a different molecular structure.


RINGBLACK is not a diamond. But it is much closer to it than, for example, gold and silver. 



Carbon fiber wedding bands

Is a black ring suitable for a wedding? Certainly. The carbon ring is great especially for men, for whom it is sometimes difficult to get used to a wedding ring. They had never worn a ring in their lives, and now it would rather hinder their finger. They often take it off or stop wearing it completely. But RINGBLACK is a different story. The ring is so light that you won't know about it, the original black color will stand out everywhere you go and you will simply fall in love with it.




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