About Ringback

Ringblack is an original, handmade black carbon fiber jewelry. Each ring is unique. No one else will wear a second one like it.

Ringblack story

My name is Jindřich Beneš. I made the very first carbon ring for myself and my wife Lucy, as an original wedding band. It was meant to be everything. No one else was to have another carbon ring.

People around us kept asking about the rings. Everyone liked its originality, weight and black color. Then there were exceptions - a couple of wedding bands, a couple of rings for best friends as gifts.
It was these exceptions that convinced me to offer the carbon ring to the general public. The result is the RINGBLACK brand.


Jindřich Beneš, Founder | instagram_icon linkedinicon mail-icon

Why is every RINGBLACK original?

We make all of our rings by hand and feel that the uniqueness of the product is very important to many customers. Do you also like what others don't have? Each ring has its own carbon fiber structure, its own carbon DNA, which is unique to each ring.



Black ring - what does it symbolize?

Black is a very interesting color. It is a sign of authority, power and strength. In some religions it is a symbol of life and joy. It is also very popular in fashion and decoration as it is a timeless color. In most myths and legends, characters representing evil and darkness are depicted in black to emphasise their invincibility. However, black is not primarily considered the color of evil. It is the color that represents intelligence. Black is often used in places where elegance and simplicity play a role.

Black is the darkest shade of all colours. It is a colour full of controversy, of different opinions, but at the same time it unifies and unites. Versatility. Longevity. Dignity. Respect. Invisibility. Defiance. Attractiveness. Fantasy. Simplicity. Complexity. Black is the eighth color of the rainbow. You can feel its uniqueness and power all around you.

Can you see why black is such a great choice for your ring?

Carbon fiber

RINGBLACK is 100% carbon what makes it 200% COOL. Carbon fiber contains carbon atoms in various modifications. The thickness of such a fiber is 5-8 μm. The carbons are bonded together in microscopic crystals that are oriented parallel to the long axis of the fiber. What are we talking about?

The crystal structure, as in diamond, makes the fibre extremely strong and durable for its thickness. Our carbon ring is the same - an extremely lightweight and durable black jewel.

Carbon fiber or diamond

Carbon is the basic building block of all organic compounds and thus of all living organisms on this planet. It is an indispensable element for life.

Diamond is one of the hardest natural minerals.It is made of carbon crystallised in the cubic system. These are the same carbon atoms that make up our rings, only formed into a different molecular structure.

You can say with exaggeration that Ringblack is the black diamond on your finger.


Of course, RINGBLACK is not a diamond. But it is much closer to it than, say, gold and silver.



Carbon fiber wedding bands

Planning a wedding and you feel to be fed up with all the traditions? Do you want to do things your own way, stand out from the crowd and show your freedom? Then a black wedding ring is perfect for you. It's a great choice especially for men. The ring can withstand very rough treatment and thanks to its zero weight, any guy can get used to it overnight. It's a big difference from silver and gold rings that men often take off or stop wearing altogether.

Women will love the color black. It's a brilliant color that goes with everything. We promise you'll both be thrilled. RINGBLACK is for rebels who are clear about their lives.