Black carbon fiber wedding bands

You want to be original. We really enjoy it. The black carbon ring is a great wedding band for both him and her. Extremely light and extremely durable ring for living together. Forget classic gold and silver. Be cool with the black ring during the wedding day. Simple minimalist and original black ring. It's "Ringblack Plain." Are you looking for something a little different? An original carbon ring that you won't buy anywhere else in the world? Take a look at our original black rings. If you are not sure about the size of the ring, first click here, where we will advise you on the size. We will deliver all the rings to you free of charge, wherever in Europe you live. Buy beautiful carbon fiber jewelry right from the comfort of your home.

Ringblack carbonfiber ring plain6mm1
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RINGBLACK PLAIN 6mm - simple original black carbonfiber wedding band
Ringblack is an original black, handmade carbonfiber ring. The carbon ring is an extremely light and extremely durable piece of jewelry that will make you happy anytime, anywhere. Be different from the others. Be original.  
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