Frequently asked questions

Is RINGBLACK suitable as a wedding band?

Yes, if you really want to have something original and you will not suffer too much from tradition. In the end, the black color is suitable for everything, which you will appreciate especially when wearing the ring normally, especially after the wedding.

Is it possible to engrave into a RINGBLACK ring?

This is not possible yet due to the hardness of the material.

Does carbon fiber conduct electricity?

No. Carbon acts like a non-conductor.

Do you deliver to Slovakia?

Yes. We even deliver worldwide! We provide free worldwide shipping.

Does RINGBLACK recquire special care?

No. The ring is extremely durable and does not need additional care. The ring is resistant to abrasion and deformation. We can also recommend the ring for very demanding users (craftsmen, climbers, doctors, etc.).

Is the ring really that light and durable?

Yes. The carbon ring weighs about 1g. You will realize its weight as soon as you find that you do not feel anything on your finger. The combination of lightness and extreme durability makes the RINGBLACK ring an exceptional piece of jewelry. The durability and mechanical properties of carbon are truly fantastic and are relied on daily by millions of people using the aerospace industry (carbon is part of the design of all modern aircraft).

Can the ring be replaced if I choose the wrong size?

Yes. We always try to meet the customer's needs. However, please pay due attention to the choice of ring size just to minimize the risk of choosing the wrong size. If you choose the wrong size, let us know by email or phone. We will agree on a new size, send the unsuitable ring to our address and we will send you a new ring immediately for the price of postage.

Can I buy a voucher?

Yes. Write us at and we will help you.

Is it possible to buy the ring before buying?

Yes, by appointment and so far only in Prague and its surroundings. We don't have a showroom yet, but write to us at and we'll work it out.


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