Ring sizes

Choosing the right ring size is the most important step in your purchase, and of course we're happy to help. Be sure it will take some effort. The more carefully you measure your ring size, the more excited you will be when you get your ring. We make our black rings in all women's and men's sizes. This makes us truly unique. As we pride ourselves on perfect customer service, we also make half sizes if required. The ring size is given as a number that indicates the circumference of the finger in mm.


Common women's sizes are 52 to 57. For thicker female fingers, sizes up to approx. 60. Sizes 47 to 51 are suitable for very delicate female fingers. Sizes below 47 are manufacturable, but not often encountered.


The most common men's sizes are 58 to 64. Sizes 65 to 70 are for real men and we only make rings in size 70+ for super heroes :)

In the table below you can find a summary of ring sizes as they are measured in other countries around the world. This is great if you know your German or American ring size and don't know what size to order here.



How to choose the right ring size

Since you're reading these lines, we assume you're at least doubting your ring size. Nothing's happening. We're glad you're giving your ring order your utmost attention. We offer you several options to help you with the ring size. We recommend combining multiple methods together to avoid exchanging an inappropriately sized ring. As the old saying goes: "Measure twice, cut once."


  1. The first option is a jewellery shop. If you have one nearby, don't be afraid to go there. Our sizes match the jewelry store's 95% of the time. It's a good idea to write down both the ring size and the inside diameter value in millimeters so you don't forget it on the way home.
  2. If you already own a ring and want us to make the same size, measure the inside diameter of the ring. It is advisable to measure with a caliper with sufficient accuracy. Measuring with a tailor's tape measure or ruler can be quite misleading. You can easily trace your size below by the measured diameter. It's also a great tip for subtly figuring out your loved one's ring size.prumer_prstenurinblack_velikosti
  3. Still don't know the right size? Prepare an ordinary string you can find at home. Wrap the string around your finger where you plan to wear the ring and tighten it firmly. If you don't pull the string tight enough, the ring will be too big! Arbitrarily mark the length of the string you use (the circumference of your finger) and you're done. A length of 52mm corresponds to a ring size 52. A length of 60mm corresponds to a size 60. A length of 64mm corresponds to a size 64, etc...Those with larger knuckles on their fingers should also take into account that the ring will need to be strung across the knuckle - just choose a ring one size bigger.obvod_prstu_provazek
  4. Do you have a printer at home? Click on the picture below and print out the special measuring strip we have prepared for you and follow the instructions. Again, remember! If you don't pull the measuring strip hard enough, the ring you receive will be too big! Those with larger knuckles on their fingers should also take into account that the ring will need to be threaded over the knuckle - just choose a ring one size bigger.




We've prepared a short video on points 3 and 4 to give you an idea of how to do it.