EARRING SQUARE M - original black carbon fiber earrings (pair)

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Black carbon earrings Ringblack. 100% original 200% COOL. Extremely lightweight and durable jewellery of outstanding simplicity and originality. Proudly made in the Czech Republic.

Size of the earring 8x8 mm.


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Ringblack black carbon earrings carry the spirit of elegance and rebellion. Each piece is created with care and love in the Czech Republic. Why settle for the ordinary when you can own something truly extraordinary?

The black colour of the earrings not only symbolizes elegance, but also expresses your courage and independence. This colour has more than just aesthetic meaning - it is a symbol of strength, mystery and resilience.

Forget about the bland earrings. Stand out from the crowd, show your personality and defy the ordinary. Our earrings are made from the finest Japanese carbon fibre, which has comparable properties to diamond.

The earrings are 100% anti-allergenic. We use our own carbon stick with silicone stopper.

Ringblack is a bargain. Buy your original black jewellery today from the comfort of your own home.

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Brand name: RINGBLACK
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