Christmas 2023

Christmas is coming. Don't wait for post-Christmas discounts that are not gonna happen. Give a gift of black carbon jewelry with a discount of up to 100% right now. Merry Christmas!






We have discounted all our products by 20% from 24th of November till 24th of December. Just put one of our products in the cart and you're done.



Special discount of 43% is available for those who purchase 2 or more our products. As a thank you for shopping with us in 20%23%, we're adding an extra 23% off. Put at least 2 products in the cart and don't forget to enter your discount code when paying the order CHRISTMAS


DisCOUNT 100%

You can participate in the Christmas photo contest and win one of our products if you live in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Více o #chciringblack soutěži zde.