EARRING L - original black carbonfiber earring

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EARRING L - original black carbonfiber earring

Black, handmade earrings made of carbon fiber. The circle is a symbol of life and the way of life. It represents the knowledge and individual decisions of the person who wears it. At the same time, it anchors its owner in the moment of presence.


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 Each of us is original. The desire to be different from others has been with people since the time of the earliest civilizations. Do you really want to have something different? Something so cool? Carbon jewelry is a hit in black.


We promise that you will not feel 1g of weight in your ear at all. The carbon black earrring is resistant to any deformation, it will not get rusty and it will lose nothing from its beauty in time. The black ring symbolizes many natural cycles in life such as health, personal relationships, seasons or conservation of energy. 


Black color is good! Ringblack is simply a great piece of black carbonfiber jewelry for everyone. The black carbonfiber earring is a stylish accessory that will make you happy anytime and anywhere. Wear your black earring anytime and anywhere.


For more conservative customers (meaning lovers of gold and silver)… we want to assure you that the black carbonfiber earring stands out perfectly even at a party, among friends or at work. The black earring fits any outfit. It is simply a great and original piece of jewelry.


Are you still hesitant? The carbonfiber earrings has very similar properties to a diamond. It is a bit of an exaggeration to say that Ringblack is a black diamond in your ear. You can read more about carbon fiber here.

Go for it and buy one right now.


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