ONE C - black carbonfiber pendant

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Black carbon pendant Ringblack. 100% original 200% COOL. Extremely lightweight and durable jewellery that stands out for its simplicity and originality. Choose from one or two carbon rings and several different bindings. Proudly made in the Czech Republic.

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Adorning your body is not easy. Choose the black pendant. We're thrilled you're thinking about it.

The circle is a symbol of life and life's journey. It represents the knowledge and individual decisions of the one who wears it. At the same time it shows its owner the importance of the present.

The colour black symbolizes not only elegance, but also expresses courage and independence. This colour has more than just an aesthetic meaning - it is a symbol of strength, mystery and resilience.

To attach the carbon ring we use a black nylon cord that is used for Maori pendants in New Zealand. We also took inspiration from individual lashing techniques.

Ringblack is a bargain. Buy your original black jewellery today from the comfort of your own home.


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